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Actual conversation I just had with a stranger I met at a café:

Stranger: so, when you say a lot of trashy fiction comes through your workplace, what do you mean? I mean, you’re holding a 40K novel in your hand.

Ica: Well, if I see one more sappy romance novel set in the Blitz, I am going to scream. Oh, booh-hoo, we’re on meat rations and out of dog bisquits, poor brave Britain! Meanwhile, over in Stalingrad, people are eating each other… hard to make a real siege sexy.

Stranger: That’s interesting. Hmmm. You could run with that! Like, you could write a romance story…But with the cannibalism. Like, maybe one of them ends up…eating the other? But they don’t, uh, mean to. Or, they do, but it doesn’t break with the romance, and it’s like this intimate thing…makes the audience feel complicit.

Ica: I dunno. Sounds like a Rammstein song.

(hmm, yup. it's all just a bit Mein Teil. The stranger was actually pretty cool, she was great conversation and a former writing student. I hope our paths cross again.)

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Ica, like "hiccup" or "icarus".
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Thank you for Looking and Liking. (I'll bet the it was the title that hooked you.)
grind-the-rust Featured By Owner 1 hour ago   General Artist
Only in conjunction with the image - the title wouldn't do much for me on its own. *smiles* But the plant looks quite content in its precariously-rooted, windblown situation, somehow - in as much as a plant can look content.
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Thanks for the fave  :)
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thanks for adding rapture to your favourites.

'tis appreciated!

excuse my ignorance, but what's the TL/DR boundary?
grind-the-rust Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2015   General Artist
*smiles* My pleasure. I've taken photos of similar subject matter, but never to the effect you managed to achieve there. It almost looks like tattered feathers or cloth  rather than plastic.
TL/DR is "too long, didn't read"... And I assume you survived that entire blog post? I never know when long-form ends and too-long-form begins...
Bombalandi Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2014
Happy Birthday!

I miss seeing your face around town at random intervals.

I hope you're happy and well :)

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i was actually looking for the pizza and beer icons, but cake will have to do .. happy birthday anyway!
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